Dec 31, 2009

My New Year postcard

Dec 31, 2009
May 2010 be better than this year and I wish your that your unfulfilled projects and desires can crystallize over the next year. I am very grateful for this whole year full of learning but I am also grateful to be alive and be able to achieve another year.

The year of the Ox is leaving us and the year of the Tiger is coming soon. That is the reason of my suit, like La Tigresa del Oriente (The Eastern Tigresse).

Happy New Year to everyone!

Dec 24, 2009

My Christmas postcard

Dec 24, 2009
December/nights/Lima. The city is brighter than usual due to Christmas season.

I took this picture near my home sweet home and I decided to make a greeting card in many languages in order to celebrate this holidays. 

Few hours left to Christmas' Eve and I am so excited. I wish you a Merry Christmas and may 2010 be a better year full of happiness, love and success!

Nov 27, 2009

Limean traffic: smart businesses

Nov 27, 2009
In order to drive in Lima, it is necessary to have an incredible skills. As I heard from a foreigner here: "driving in Lima is like playing a videogame and you just jump among obstacles". For this reason, a Peruvian company did not think it twice and they created the Peruvian version of Crazy Taxi called Crazy Combi.

Face to taxi drivers who raise their tariffs due to the annoying traffic, the police that cannot fight properly with the traffic but they make it worse or streets closed due to inexplicable works whose inaugurations continue being delayed. Simply, this is the current scene of Lima, nor during rush hour but all day long. Well, Lima does not count with a proper public transportation as major cities have.

Beyond these problems and the positive about this, if you are a car driver you can find great offer deals in some major streets in Lima, from puzzles and coloring books to your children, cell chargers and cell cases, and just entertainment if you are searching for fun during waiting times. I am bringing some pics about my journey:

Lima is safe thanks to this guy

If you could not read the news at home, 
this guys has the lastest ones

Circus is near than you think

Summer is really near, so this guy sells refreshing jellies

Dear readers, we cannot deal against the traffic as Mahomet must go to the mountain, but if you buy something, you might contribute to Peru's GDP.
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